Adult Yagura


Kouichi Mizawa or simply Kouichi is an entity and a Jinjuriki of Yamata no Suna.


Makura the Wife of the Eighth Kazekage died when Kouichi Mizawa was born and the Puppet Dragon was sealed within the Backpack and Kouichi became a Jinjuriki. Ophanimaru's Story was reminded to Honey D. Paul that the Eighth Kazekage was banished from the Sunagakure for making the Best Kamui Puppet for Chiyo and passed the Sand Counsel to the Fourth Kazekage. He was traveling to the Underground Village, Kamuigakure: Village of the Hidden Cores. The Kazekage met the two Elders, who use to have 8 Daughters and The Puppet Dragon ate 7. The Eighth Kazekage carried Eight Wagons carrying the Eight Barrels filled with Sake and made the Serpent Drunk. The Kazekage wielded the Golden Sword summoned from the Heavens and was able to defeat the Serpent and sealed it into a Backpack and Married the Elders' Eighth Daughter, Makura, Who died in childbirth and have Twin Boys, Kouichi Mizawa and Koji Kagami.


  • Nutakata- Adopted Brother
  • Makura- Mother
  • Eight Kazekage- Father
  • Koji Kagami-

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