Kuina (くいな) was the Childhood Friend of Hoshi and Zoro.


Kuina has chin-length, dark blue hair and dark brown eyes. She wears various short-sleeved shirts with different colors and designs, but always adds a blue leather coat with a furred collar and edge linings. She has also grown taller. When She is an adult, She is wearing a floral, button down shirt, blue jeans, and pink boots.



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Creation ArcEdit

Using seeds from the fruit of of Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil it was discovered that by fusing massive amounts of chakra—such as that of a tailed beast—with the seed, would then cause it to activate and grow. The result was a tremendous tree with massive amounts of chakra. As a Child, Kuina was briefly, training outside her father's dojo, attacking a pole with her sword. Kuina had come to the conclusion that Zoro would soon pass her in skill and strength. This is because she believed that boys grow up to be stronger than girls, and she noticed just how much Zoro had already caught up to her current skills. So, when she started growing breasts, she became discouraged. Zoro then told her that if he ever beat her, it was because of his skills. The fact that he was a boy and she was a girl did not matter. It was his goal to be as good as her. They promised that one of them would become the greatest swordsman in the world. At that point, Kuina had fallen down the stairs while trying to get a sharpening block and thought to have died. Zoro was angry with her, accusing her of running away from their promise. Finally, Zoro asked her father for the honor of taking the Wado Ichimonji with him. With this, Zoro promised to fulfill their shared dream of becoming the greatest swordsman to fruition and developed Santoryu so that he could wield both Kuina's sword and his own. It was revealed that Dr. Eggman knocked her unconscious and kidnapped her and puts her.

Christopher Gekko ArcEdit

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