Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙のツルギ) is Paul Gekko's Sword used as a Self Defense Mechanism.


Kusanagi no Tsurugi resembles the Legendary Sword, Excalibur.

In Deity form thanks to the breath of Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse, he is a young man with fair-colored skin and blue eyes, he's almost tall. His silver hair hangs further then his neck with a portion of the back being much longer and falling past shoulders; he has a long fringe which hangs mostly over the right side of his face. He wears a long white robe with blue patterned hemlines and cuffs over plain white pants. This is held together with a dark blue sash and accompanied by a light cape. Over the top of this, Kusanagi dons another white and blue cloak with a high collar. On his feet are a pair of simple brown slacks. Kusanagi apparently owns many copies of this outfit. Kusanagi also possesses four long scars in the middle of his back.


  • Oliva can use Kusanagi to cut through a range of mountains in the distance with a single swing.
  • The Sword grants Oliva the Ability of Flight.


  • Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙劍, Literally meaning: Grass-Mowing Sword) is one of the Three Imperial Regalia of Japan (三種の神器, Sanshu no Jingi), together with the Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡, Literally meaning: Eight Span Mirror) and the Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊曲玉, Literally meaning: Eight Shaku Curved Jewel).