Kyosuke (鑑 恭介, Kagami Kyōsuke) is the twin brother of Hyo.


Kyosuke has short orange hair and brown eyes and wears eyeglasses. His primary outfit is a white school jacket under a black long sleeve v-neck shirt with a Taiyo emblem on both on his white collar, white pants and white, black and yellow shoes. The interior of his jacket is red.



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Creation ArcEdit

Birth of Shinseijū TreeEdit
Shinseijū Flower Form

Shinseijū develops into a Tree

Using seeds from the fruit of of Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil it was discovered that by fusing massive amounts of chakra—such as that of a tailed beast—with the seed, would then cause it to activate and grow. The result was a tremendous tree with massive amounts of chakra. Mugen, Kyosuke and Hyo's was already dead for reasons undisclosed up to this day. Kyosuke is a calm mannered student from Taiyo High who volunteers to help Batsu find his mother. It is later revealed that Kyosuke is behind the kidnapping and was working for his twin brother, Hyo. Ultimately, Kyosuke changes allegiances, and helps Batsu and Hinata in defeating Hyo, while convincing Hyo that force was not the way to achieve their dreams.


  • Mugen- Father (Deceased)
  • Hyo- Twin Brother

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