Lahar (ラハル Raharu) was the Head Captain of the Custody Enforcement Unit under the Izumogakure. He is a Member of Heaven Tail.


Lahar is a slim man of average height with long, tied up black hair; two bangs frame his face and an unruly tuft covers his forehead, though his lavender eyes are still visible behind his circular-lensed glasses. After the seven year timeskip, his appearance remains largely unchanged, with his slightly shorter hair being the only real change. His attire is that of a high-ranking Council associate's, consisting of a long, blue jacket with pink edges and strapped cuffs over a high-collared shirt bearing the Council's signature ankh-like symbol. His attire also features white pants held up by a simple belt, white gloves, a white cape held closed by a gem-decorated buckle, and distinctive shoes, seemingly bearing a serpentine pattern.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Prior to being a Jinjuriki, Girouette was the eight Jinjuriki of the Eight Headed Snake. Shunji met Girouette, who save Aile. Shunji asks Giro to take good care his younger brother because of the loss of their Mother which Girouette agrees. Paul the chosen one for Model O the Biometal and through Double Megamerge can use the other Biometals. Prairie requested Giro and Paul and Aile to deliver Model X. During the delivery, the two took a break at a cliff, when they were attacked by a Four Legged Maverick which knocked Paul and Aile off the cliff with Model X and Model O, but somehow survived resulting the awakening of Dark Gaia. Giro then fights the Mavericks and tries to reunite with Paul and Aile, with the help of Model Z. He arrives at Area B, and and destroys the Apsalus for Paul and Aile, and explains he's a part of the Guardians. Lahar is one of the Bodyguards of Prince Maxus.

Part IVEdit

Meeting UryuEdit

Land of Alpha ArcEdit
Meeting Team AngelEdit
Lahar and Paul Gekko

Lahar as the President of the Land of Alpha

Years Later, Lahar was the President of the Land of Alpha. Lahar meets Paul Gekko again and his Descendant, Uryu.


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