Ten-Tailed Hydra

Lernaean Hydra more commonly known as Ten Tails (十尾, Juubi) was one of the Ten Tailed Beasts sealed within Cara Yamata.


  • The Appearence of the Tailed Beast resembles to Multi Headed Hydra. The Appearance of the Tailed Beast was the Humanoid Giant like Dragon with wings and it's Tails are Bushier like the basics of the Yamata no Orochi with conch shell-like upper body with long, spiked-like protrusions on its back. It has Three Heads Its unique red eye, taking up most of its head, has four concentric circles with nine tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil.

True AppearanceEdit

Ten Tailed Hydra's True Apperance (Fan-made)

Ten Tails True Appearance

  • It's True Appearance of Hydra is Green in Color and titanic in size. It's hands is larger than any of the tailed beasts. While the beast possess a Titan-size Humanoid Body, common attributes include Two Orange Eyes and a One Giant Eye on it's Forehead, extendable tails which ended in snake-based heads and the a grotesque bulb-like body.


Link Slaying Ten Tails

Ten-Tail's Extermination

Lernaean Hydra told the Kamaitachi that he reminded it of the Sage of the Eight Paths, bringing the elderly son to tears. This leads to the birth of the Five Shinobi of Eight Paths. Hydra emerges from the cave with it's three heads, tried to destroy Hira's village. Hira and Link sealed the Ten-Tailed Hydra in Cara Yamata's body as proof. Due to being sealed away, Cara Yamata respected the Dragon.


Sailor Moon vs Hydra


Head ReplicationEdit

  • The Ability was to grow 3 more heads if each head was cut off by Link.

Physical Flying AbilitiesEdit


  • The ability allows Hydra to hover like a helicopter.

Torpedo swoopEdit

  • The ability allows One Eyed God to Fly like a Jet Plane at the Speed of Stealth.

Tailed Beast Ball BarrageEdit

  • The Deadly ability to combine the Light and Dark Chakura into a Ball then blasts it with the Gigantic Beam.


  • (To Cara) I'll help. I will lend you strength.


  • Ten Tailed Giant Dragon
  • Hydra