The Leviathan is a giant Atlantean artifact that was left near the underwater entrance to Atlantis so that it could protect the city from intruders. Being longer than a submarine, the Leviathan is a mechanical monstrosity that closely resembles a lobster. It is a Character of the Dream World.


Leviathan and Marina

Leviathan attacks Marina and Pablo

Nearly 8,000 years later, The Leviathan spots Marina (Mermaid) and Flounder swimming about in it's Territory. He immediately attacks Flounder and begins a chase going through the Tunnel to the Entrance to Atlantis. Unfortunately, Marina manages to outwit the Creature and the Leviathan sleeps while guarding Atlantis.


  • The Leviathan resembles a lobster, much like the other Atlantean vehicles resemble sea creatures.
  • The creature is one of the three Biblical monsters, the others being the Ziz of the sky, and the Behemoth of the earth, with the Leviathan being of the sea.
  • Leviathan shares the Same Name
  • The Leviathan may also be similar to a Eurypterid also known as a Sea Scorpion, an extinct group of arthropods related to arachnids which include the largest known arthropods that ever lived.
  • Future Leviathan is a Counterpart of the Creature.

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