Lucia no Mikoto

Lucia no Mikoto

Lucia no Mikoto (ルチアの美琴, Ruchia no Mikoto) is the Boy of the X Clan. His Brother Izuna no Mikoto is


As a kid, Lucia was a rather thin young boy with short blond hair reaching to his neck. Whilst he was still living with both his father, and his mother, he wore a simple green shirt with light gray summer shorts, with black vertical stripes jutting downwards.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Lucia no Mikoto injured and abandoned

Lucia no Mikoto was found injured by Thunder Strike

Izuna and Lucia grew up not knowing who his parents were, a sad upbringing which led him to dream of one day part of the Legendary Team Cyclone. Lucia no Mikoto was found injured by Thunder Strike. His Brother, Izuna no Mikoto was saddened that Lucia no Mikoto was rescued by Thunder Strike. Lucia became Thunder Strike's Co-pilot. Lucia and his Brother reunited where the monster rises up for one final attack. Cutting to the aftermath where the landscape has turned grey and ash-covered, Team Cyclone finds a burnt out and grey Lucia and Izuna crippled with grief at the loss of so much life, and guilt-ridden for causing it by awakening the Beast that almost attacked the Village. Thunder Strike and his wife and His Children, however was able to cheer them up and give them new Hope when they saw their tears began to heal the land.


  • Izuna no Mikoto- Brother

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