Boulder Zaku

Boulder Zaku

MSN-20 Boulder Zaku is the Newtype Mobile Suit.


Boulder Zakus are the Mechaniloid Mobile Suits that have below-average AI and a more mechanical shape than a humanoid shape (like the Robot Masters and Reploids). Mechaniloids also have the ability to go Maverick. seem to be customizable to do just about anything, from construction to excavation. It is believed that the "standard procedure" is for a small army of assistant Mechaniloids, all specialized in a certain field, are typically sent with a single specialized Reploid for whatever job is needed at the time.


  • Mechaniloid Cannon

The Mechaniloid cannon is a long-ranged weapon that can destroy a mobile suit in one shot.

  • Caterpillar Arms

The Caterpillar Arms is the Mechaniloid Arms that capable of crushing cities and battleships.

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Trans-Am System

As a last resort, the Gundam Amazing Exia can activate Trans-Am to release all its particles, improving its combat capabilities by three times for a short period of time. The downside to this system is that the unit will suffer a sharp reduction of performance after complete usage. Furthermore, as the Gundam Amazing Exia is an incomplete model, the Trans-Am system is not fully adjusted and this makes using it quite risky.


The Boulder Zakus were founded in the Temple at the Ka Boa Bu by Kuro Akatsuki's Excavation Team. There were 70 Boulder Zakus being used in the Final Battle in the Paul Gekko Arc.