Maple (カエデ, Kaede) is one of the Incarnations of Kokori no Mikoto.


Maple is humble and polite for his age, modest about his accomplishments and careful about how he perceives himself to others.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Maple and Snow

Maple and Snow

Maple was the son of a warrior named Gaisei. Gaisei was a master swordsman who trained him with two other orphans, Blue and Snow. As he grew, he became an avid swordsman and powerful warrior. One day, when he was twelve, he and Yuki returned from an errand to discover their master slain and Moriya standing over his corpse. Enraged, Kaede physically attacked him for the (presumed) killing of their master. Blue withstood the attack and left in silence.

Shortly thereafter, Kaede and Yuki depart their foster home to avenge the death of their master and confront the killer. Five years on their quest, he still searches for Moriya. He eventually discovers that the real killer of his master was the Black Demon that was slain by Thunder Strike. He engages him, but the guardian's superior skill quickly overpowers him. However, it is revealed that Maple is a Kokori's Incarnation. He can transform with the Kokori's Power , changing various physical aspects and giving him additional power. With his transformation into “awakened Kaede” (覚醒楓, Kakusei Kaede), he defeats black demon with the help of his friends.

After honing his skills and learning to control the power of Kokori, Maple and Snow set off for Okina in order to find more information. When they arrive, they discover that the “Sealing Rite” needs to be performed, a great evil threatens the world. This rite is to be performed by a special maiden, but a warrior named the “Messenger From Afar” seeks to assassinate her and prevent her from performing it. Maple sets out to protect the maiden and to allow her to accomplish her mission.


  • Kokori no Mikoto- Original Maple
  • Gaisei- Father (Deceased)
  • Blue- Adopted Brother
  • Snow- Adopted Sister


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