Maria (マリア·姫, Maria Hime) is the youngest daughter of the royal Merman family in Dream World.


Marina is a blonde, sweet and beautiful mermaid.


Maria, the youngest and most beautiful mermaid in the royal family, is curious about the human world. So much so that she always tries to go up to the surface with her older sisters, but is forbidden because she has not come of age yet. One day, while exploring inside a sunken ship, she discovers a statue of a human boy and starts to daydream. She decides she is ready to see the world above and, ignoring her family's wishes, she sneaks away with her best friend (Fritz, a dolphin). Moments after emerging from the depths, she sees a handsome prince Kaiser on a ship, the very same boy from the statue. Suddenly, a Terrible Shark, who spotted Princess Marina chases her, Kaede and his Family and throwing the Prince into the sea. Maria saves her handsome prince and swims with him to the seashore before the Terrible Shark crashes into the Wall. She must leave him on the shore when the sun rises and people arrive. Marina falls deeply in love and wants desperately to become a human. Seeking help from the sea witch, Cortana, Maria gives up her life as mermaid and her voice to gain legs. She is informed that if the prince marries someone else, she will turn into sea foam the very next morning. Despite the hazards, she is willing to risk all for love. The sea witch takes Maria's voice in exchange for legs. Tearfully bidding farewell to her family and to Fritz, she goes on to the surface. The following morning, she is discovered by the prince. Maria lives with the prince for a month, in that time their bond grows strong. The Prince calls her "Princess Mermaid" because she came to him from the sea and cannot tell him her own name as she is now mute. The Prince tells her how his parents want him marry a princess from another kingdom. However, the only girl he wants to marry is the one who saved his life. Unfortunately, the prince does not know Maria is the one who saved him. He mistakenly believes it to be the raven-haired girl who discovered him on the beach after Maria had rescued him. Since he cannot find her, he wishes to marry Marina. Filled with joy, the prince remembers now that she was, in fact, the one who saved him. Maria and Kaiser marry on a ship and depart.


  • Prince Kaiser- Husband

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