Mars Rays (火星光線, Kasei kōsen) is the Type of Chakra existing in Planet Dens.


Long Ago, There was the Tree that existed with the Magical Fruit that gives the People the Type of Chakra (The side channels run parallel to the center channel, except at locations such as the navel, heart, throat and crown (i.e. chakras) where the two side channels twist around the central channel. At the navel, throat and crown, there is a twofold knot caused by each side channel twisting once around the central channel). The Person who was named Hakiki found the Tree and Ate the Fruit and finally possesses Chakra. However when His death was near, He gave his life to see the woman giving birth to a boy called Kasshu. Kasshu was born in chakra and admires love to the Hylians. After Years have Pass, Paul Gekko was born in using the Mars Rays to protect his beloved ones (Families, Friends and Othe People).


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