Martel (マーテル Maateru) is a Summon Spirit that appears in Shinto-Christian Mythology. She is the Summon Spirit of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. In appearance, Martel typically appears as a green-haired woman. She is a Guardian of the Gekko Clan


As the guardian spirit of Paul Gekko, Cress first sees Martel when he visits the South Forest, the Forest of Spirits in the present, and has a vision of Paul in its healthy state, with a woman pleading for them not to hurt it. When Paradox's Invasion has failed, Martel states that the mana was flowing within the rage of Paul Gekko, the first hint as to what the mana depletion she warned Thetis. Martel awakens and tells him that his friend is still all right because one day mana consumption returned to normal. She tells them about a man with golden hair who watched over her as she slept. When Martel leaves, Dhaos arrives and it seems as if it would come to blows, but he refrains from battling in order to not harm.


Martel uses the Magic to summon Pizza falling from the Heavens to prevent the the Legend of Famine to get worse. Martel has the Ability to calm the Rage of Paul Gekko with her mana.


  • Martel was lossely based on Spirit with the Same from the Aselia Universe.

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