4 Tailed Netnavi

Mataru, More commonly known as Four Tails is on of the Ten Tailed Beasts. Mataru was sealed within Kaboomer.


Mataru resembles to a Mettaur with the Mechanical Human Arms and has large eyes resembling Kurama's Eyes.


Mataru in One Piece Op 13

One Piece/Blue Bible

After the Era of the Sage of the Eight Paths, Mataru battled Hira and the Village and was sealed within Kaboomer by Link the Hylian Samurai and Yuri.


Rainbow BallEdit

Mataru's Rainbow Beast Ball Jutsu

Mataru's Beast Ball

This Jutsu came from ROYGBIV and all seven colors of the Rainbow and shoots it like a Lazer Beam.


  • Kaboomer


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