May Lee

May Lee

May Lee May is depicted as a perky teenager who fights for justice using Tae Kwon Do. She is unique within The King of Fighters for her ability to change into a separate Hero Mode, in which she dons large gloves and a red scarf.


May Lee was introduced as one of the many students of Paul Gekko and has idolized him and his Family ever since she could remember. One day, while training, she hears word of the Parade. As always, Team Okaina are set to carry the Halberd as on of the floating balloons. However, Paul Gekko to shy to have a conversation with Naruto and May is required to support him as a member of Team Okaina. Paul Suggests that she also kept an eye on her teammates, former criminals like Tagna and Team Shadows, as May, unlike Kim, does not feel the need to physically punish them on a regular basis. Despite her inexperience, May surprises the audience with her unique Tae Kwon Do style in the tournament. Kim and the others are also surprised by her achievements, and she soon gains much praise. After the tournament ends, May returns to Korea along with her partners, and are celebrated as heroes for ending the menace of the evil NESTS cartel that was at work behind the murder of Prince Houmei. The Halberd is being commandeered as the Baloon for Prince Houmei's Parade.

Birth of Ven ArcEdit

Many Years have passed, Future Paul Gekko was now with the ressurected Black Demon. Ventus and his team managed to stop Future Paul Gekko's Plan, to save the Gekko Clan and the Other Clans.


May Lee is very happy towards good people. She's very joyful and her personality resembles that of Athena. Like Kim, May Lee has a very strong sense of justice and will punish any evil being she encounters.


  • Electric Punch - During her Hero Mode she can deliver punches of electric energy.
  • Explosive Kick - During her Hero Mode she can deliver exploding kicks.


  • May Lee was loosely based on May Lee.

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