Mobile Suit Paul Gekko

Paul's Mecha

Mecha Paul Gekko was the First Gunpla made by Paul Gekko.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The final product of the MS-16X "Bishop Plan", the Paul was a mobile suit in the fact that it features a roughly humanoid shape. However, it lacked legs, which first surprised its pilot. Although it was only 80% complete, it didn't matter in gravity-lacking space, since the legs aided in the AMBAC System. Because of that factor it was at 100% combat capacity when first used.

The Zeong was the first mobile suit to use Psycommu system. This let it effectively use its wire-guided, remote-controlled arms, each built with 5-mega particle gun fingers. Two additional beam guns were built into the torso. Lastly, there was a single beam cannon inside the head. Unlike the mobile suits of the time, the Paul had its cockpit built in the head, which could detach from the body and act as an escape pod for the pilot.


  • Wire-guided 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun

Mecha Paul Gekko's Forearms can be detached from the main body and remotely maneuvered with micro thrusters at built into their base. The forearms are guided by thick wires that communicate the Newtype pilot's thoughts via the psycommu system. Each of the Zeong's forearms are in essence powerful mega particle guns with five barrels each built into the fingers. The five barrels on both arms are fire-linked, so each time one of the arm weapons fire a total of five beams are emitted, ten if both mega particle guns fire. This large amount of beams, combined with the remote weapons' ability to create all-range attacks, creates a powerful spread of beams that is nearly impossible to avoid and can destroy multiple machines.

  • Mega Particle Gun

There are two fire-linked mega particle guns mounted in the eyes of the mobile suit.

System FeaturesEdit

  • Transform System

Mecha Paul was capable of transforming into the Mobie Armor Mode.

Mecha Paul Gekko can transform from the Partial Mode to full Tailed Beast Transformation of the Fortress Gundam.


Known PilotsEdit

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