Misty Gekko more commonly known as Misty Tredwell, a fashion model, who can read someone based on their facial appearance. She was a Jinjuriki of the Yamata no Orochi and a Special friend of Honey D. Paul. She is the Related member of the Gekko Family.


Misty appears to be a tall woman of elegance. She has light-blue eyes. She has a gem tied to her forehead and has long black hair with her bangs parted. Her outfit consists of two necklaces, an elegant dress of green, white and yellow and strap-on high heels. On formal occasions, she wears an elegant red dress made by one of her designers. She wears a Yo-kai watch on her right wrist and the Duel Disk on the left wrist.


Thanks to the Yo-kai Watch, Misty can see Yo-kai everywhere. Misty was shown to be gifted with the ability of physiognomy, which she could predict one's future by simply by reading their face, as shown when she did so with Carly and it came true


Early LifeEdit

On her birthday, Misty received a locket from her brother, Toby Gekko with a picture of both of them inside.

Having learned of Akiza Izinski had psychic powers like him, Toby Gekko told Misty how he would like to visit the Arcadia Movement. Having heard bad things about that organization, Misty initially disapproves, but allows him to go anyway.

After months, Toby Tredwell met the young Paul Gekko before the Yamata no Orochi floods the Izumogakure. Paul's Father drowns into the water to rescue the poor child but Toby saves Paul's brother Shunji with the help of Kyoji Gekko.

Misty became so shocked from that incident she lost focus while driving her car and drove it into the ocean. Unfortunately, Misty was save by the mysterious shadow figure. The mysterious shadow took her home in the catatonic state. As she was about to die, the mysterious shadow figure gave up the Yamata no Orochi Spirit in Biometal form in order to save her from death. This was the beginning of her transformation into a jinjuriki.

At the time, Misty did not understand what happened, but the creature that saved her instructed her to protect someone precious to her.

Toby's Good-ByeEdit

Prior to Toby Gekko joining Dr. Eggman's Empire, Toby then tells him that Paul Gekko is the Kind-hearted man of the Shinobi Kingdom, trying to see if any of those places that fit Paul Gekko for a King. Misty says "That's Great". Toby says good bye to his sister with his luggage full of clothes, a Lunchbox full of Pizza and a Backpack containing Yu-gi-oh cards to play with. Toby then runs off to Eggman, telling him she’s already said good bye. She asks, however, how Eggman can trust her since “We’ve tried to do each other in before.” Eggman replies that “You can help me rule the world too badly try to build my Empire and I’ll be waiting for you the next time you try.” Toby along Three Mushasame now on the Egg Fleet Flagship, Egg Fort VI and was now one of the Eggman's most Trusted Servant.

In Tag Force DuelEdit

Misty sought out to help a Duelist named Random no Mikoto for Toby's Death.

Relationships with Yo-kaiEdit


Slurpent is the legendary Yo-kai who is Misty Gekko's first butler and the Emperor of the "Slurpent Empire".

Slurpent EmpireEdit

Slurpent's Empire consisted of thousands of Slurpent's subordinates under his command, whose descriptions matched Nathan, his family, Whisper, and a number of students in his school. These include an anthropomorphic hound-like entity adept on using an iron flail (his description matched Nathan's father), a beautiful, violent woman with a penchant for slicing people in half (her description matched Nathan's Mother), and an strategist (who matched Whisper) and another subordinate with no special qualities (which matched Nathan) and entire army (which matched the Swat Troopers) and their technology is infinite (which matched Galactic Empire).

Rubeus JEdit

One of the members of the Slurpent Empire. Misty summons him to locate Mckraken and stop it's schemes.

Lord EmmaEdit


Yo-kai World Chairman Squiddilius McKraken is Misty Gekko's enemy during the reign of the Galactic Eggman Empire and is the one responsible of letting Misty and her younger brother part ways.


Misty Gekko's second butler. Verygoodsir proves himself to be a superior butler in every way by cleaning Misty's room, helping Misty with his homework, brushing Jibanyan and Slurpent and proving his knowledge of Nate's Yo-kai Medals.

Misty's DeckEdit

Normal MonstersEdit

   Blue Eyes White Dragon (3)
   Flame Champion (5)
   Dark Magician (6)
   Red Eyes Black Dragon (2)

Effect MonstersEdit

   Dark Armed Dragon
   Evil Dragon Ananta 
   Reptilianne Gardna
   Reptilianne Gorgon
   Reptilianne Medusa
   Reptilianne Naga
   Reptilianne Scylla
   Reptilianne Vaskii
   Reptilianne Viper
   Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes
   Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
   Yamata Dragon (3)
   Cyber Dragon Zwei (3)
   Cyber Dragon (3)
   Proto-Cyber Dragon (3)
   Cyber Dark Horn
   Cyber Dark Keel
   Cyber Dark Edge
   Cyber Valley
   Sea Cordarus
   Cyber Lazer Dragon (3)
   Cyber Barrier Dragon (3)
   Blue Eyes Shining Dragon (3)
   Toon Dark Magician Girl (3)
   Toon Dark Magician (3)
   Dark Magician Knight (5)
   Solitaire Magician (2)
   Magician's Valkyria (2)
   Dark Magician Girl
   Aussa the Earth Charmer 
   Dharc the Dark Charmer 
   Eria the Water Charmer 
   Hiita the Fire Charmer 
   Lyna the Light Charmer 
   Wynn the Wind Charmer
   Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
   Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
   Red-Eyes Black Chick
   Toon Cyber Dragon (10)
   Silent Magician
   Malefic Parallel Gear
   Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon
   Super Anti-Kaiju War Machine Mecha-Dogoran (3)
   Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju (2)
   Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju
   Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju
   Goddess with the Third Eye
   Cybernetic Magician
   Gatling Dragon
   Blowback Dragon
   Cyber Gymnast
   Revival Jam
   Slifer the Sky Dragon
   The Winged Dragon of Ra
   Obelisk the Tormentor
   Insect Queen
   Pinch Hopper
   Legendary Knight Hermos
   Maiden with Eyes of Blue

Synchro MonstersEdit

   Ancient Fairy Dragon
   Black Rose Dragon
   Black-Winged Dragon
   Dark End Dragon
   Red Dragon Archfiend
   Reptilianne Hydra
   Stardust Dragon
   Splendid Rose
   Malefic Paradox Dragon

Fusion MonstersEdit

   Chimeratech OverDragon
   Five-Headed Dragon
   Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
   Cyber Dark Dragon
   Cyber End Dragon
   Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
   Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
   Gatling Dragon

Ritual MonstersEdit

  Cyber Angel Benten

Token MonstersEdit

  Spider Token (5)


   Overload Fusion (3)
   Future Fusion (3)
   Super Polymerization (2)
   Polymerization (3)
   Photon Generator Unit (3)
   Attack Reflect Unit (3)
   The Seal of Orichalcos (2)
   Toon World
   Knight's Title
   Mark of the Rose
   Malefic World
   Machine Angel Ritual
   Infinite Cards
   Card of Safe Return
   Dark Magic Curtain
   Eradicating Aerosol
   Legend of Heart
   The Claw of Hermos
   The Fang of Critias
   The Eye of Timaeus


   Mirror Force (2)
   Skill Drain
   Spider Egg
   Stronghold the Moving Fortress (2)
   DNA Surgery (3)
   Negate Attack (2)


Main article: Paul's Jinjuriki Forms

As a Jinjuriki of the Eight Headed Serpent, He uses the Favorite Jutsu of all the Kujutsu was called the Nuclear Radiation Jutsu, According to Kyoji, The Nuclear Radiation Jutsu Hand Signs are Dragon, Snake, Monkey and Gekko Clan Ritual song. It allowed Paul to undo the Seal and Unleash the beast in side him.


See AlsoEdit

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