Mizuichi was a brother of Cara Yamata and a eldest son of the great Hira. He is a Jinjuriki of the Two Tailed Bunny.

Legend of YuriEdit

Any Full Bijuu Form


Mizuichi was kind hearted person and a stronger rival to Ten-Tails Jinjuriki: Cara Yamata. Hira and Mizuichi have taken good care of his younger sister and killed Tobi because he wanted Ten-tails inside of his sister for world domination. Mizuichi became good friends with Link the Hylian Samurai and Nawaki when he was in heaven. Mataru Junjuriki: Carl Klova was the man was adopted by Mizuichi.


Full Rau La CrescentEdit

The Ability allows Two Tails to Take over Mizuichi's Body.

Tailed BeastEdit

Rau La Crescent


Hira- Adopted Father

Cara Yamata- Adopted Younger Sister

Mizuichi's Mother- Mother (Deceased)

Mizuichi's Father- Father (Deceased)

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