The Four Monarchs are the hosts of a vast natural power that has existed for thousands of years. They are said to be the physical embodiment of the four seasons. They are parallel counterparts to the four maidens.


The Four Monarchs in existence at any time, each one corresponding to the four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Traditional BattleEdit

A "Jashindano" is a traditional competition between a challenger and the Monarch. When the Monarch gets old or is deemed unfit to be the Monarch, a challenger may challenge him/her to a physical fight. Whoever gives up first - by tapping out - loses the power of the monarch to the host while the winner takes up the title of the monarch.


While the full extent of their abilities is not known, Spring Monarch displayed several astounding powers, including the ability to plant multiple God Trees and most of the fruit trees. He can manipulate the raise the sun at day, while bringing out the moon at night. The Summer Monarch displayed the ability to the produce the Rinne Sharingan in the humans and hylians' eyes and also had the ability to bring out droughts and flash floods and also joy and understanding. The Fall Monarch can summon enormously powerful gusts of wind, telekinetically control leaves and freeze them solid to create deadly projectiles, manipulate the weather and bring lightning down upon her enemies, as well as shoot deadly fireballs. The Winter Monarch can unleash the large amounts of blizzards and infinity of snow.


The Great Monarchs pass from host to host upon the death of the current holder in a process that has been continuing for thousands of years. The exact method through which the power chooses its next host is not fully understood. Under normal circumstances, the next Maiden, who is always a young woman, is the last person that the previous Maiden holds in her thoughts before she passes away. However, if the person in the dying Maiden's thoughts is male, too old, or not eligible to receive the power, the next host is chosen seemingly at random. This system apparently ensures that no one person can hold the power forever.

Notable Four MonarchsEdit