Nakagami no Mikoto


Nakagami no Mikoto (中上の美琴) is a Hero of the Izumogakure.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Prior to Orochi's attack on Izumogakure, Paul Gekko's Father was so young and Kind and Clumsy met the Queen and Nakagami attacked him and chased him back into his catering company. He had made his first Peach Pie for Princess Peach since Paul Gekko's Father was taken good care of her and treats her like a child. Nakagami no Mikoto and chased him but until the Festival already started. The Chase was cut short when the Sleeping Yamata no Orochi wakes at the sight of a Festival. Opening his great eyes, Orochi chases after Nakagami and Paul Gekko's Father into a catering company.

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