The Pokemon Trainer in the Pokemon Black and White Game Series and the Pokemon Ruby and Pearl series.


Nate has messy dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a red tennis visor instead of a hat unlike previous male characters, and also a blue short-sleeved jacket with baggy beige shorts and a dri-fit swim suit underneath his exterior outfit. He wears red and black sneakers with white laces, and carries a white messenger bag.

In AnimeEdit

he appeared in the animated Pokemon Black and White T.V. Series with Hugh. He visited Bianca and got Tepig, accompanied by Hugh with his hatched Oshawott. He and his Lucario later appeared where Colress told him that he didn't believe that Team Plasma should seperate Pokemon from humans. He later entered the Pokémon World Tournament and battled Elesa, where his Tepig had evolved into an Emboar at the time. She used her Emolga and Zebstrika, but the winner was unclear.

Later, he was on a boat with Cheren and Hugh when Team Plasma attacked. He used his Arcanine against their Seviper and won, and he and Lucario later battled the Shadow Triad. However, although they won, they escaped in Opelucid City, Where Plasma Frigate have the town frozen.

Nate met and defeated the Leader of Team Plasma named Ghetsis in Giant Chasm. Nate have succeeded in the Pokemon League and went home to his Mother in Asperita City. Nate awakened and captured the Two Legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom at Dragonspiral Tower. Nate went on the train to Anville Town. Nate have captured Kyurem only with the Truth and Ideal.

Gym BadgesEdit


  • Trio Badge
  • Basic Badge
  • Insect Badge
  • Legend Badge
  • Wave Badge
  • Quake Badge
  • Bolt Badge
  • Toxic Badge


On HandEdit

  • Tepig (Evolved into Pignite and into Emboar)
  • Litwick (Evolved into Lampent)
  • Deerling
  • Drilbur (Evolved into Excadrill)
  • Drifblim
  • Tranquill (Evolved into Unfezant)
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Kyurem
  • Meloetta



Kyurem the Boundary Pokemon. Kyurem covers the Forests in Ice and meets the Trainer with the Truth and Ideal.


Hydreigon the Brutal Pokemon. Hydreigon can use it's Three Heads to tear Villages apart.


Meloetta the Melody Pokemon. Meloetta can sing and brings more happiness to the City and was sensed Danger Meloetta can hide in camouflage.

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