Nu is the younger Sister of Kuro.


Lu has a very outgoing and curious personality. She's also very friendly and kind and wants to enjoy what little time she has left.


She's good at drawing, as can be seen in her diary sketches.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Not much is known about her except that she lives alone with her brother in Second Moon, and at some point became terminally ill as a result of the curse of the Yamata no Orochi . The subject of their parents is never discussed, but it is probable they are dead as a result of the disease. She meets Paul Kiske and immediately takes a liking to him, becoming friends almost over night. Kiske is able to obtains medicine from Ezelcant in exchange for access to the AGE device, and this allows Nu to once again go outside and live her final days happily. It is uncertain how much time transpires between her stroll through the city with Kio and her death, but some time after she succumbs to her illness and dies. She leaves behind her future diary which describes what she would have liked to do. Her final entry is of being on Earth with Paul Kiske and starting a new life.


  • Kuro- Older Brother
  • Paul Kiske- fiancé

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