A very Young Man was also known as the 4th Gokage. He was known as the Shinobi of Hope.


Saiken Attack in KimihaEdit

7 Years Ago, When he was a young boy, His Parents were killed by 6 Tailed Slug attacking the Village. 6 Tailed Slug was Sealed inside his and Utakata's Body.

Yamata Bagu AttackEdit

7 Years have Passed and now the 6 Tailed Cat was then sealed within his body when he was 18 Years Old.

Legend of YukiEdit

Grandfather's LegendEdit

His Grandfather had to keep an eye on his Grandson and his family. His grandfather name is Nama. His Grand father fell the dreaded Sasori in the proof of sealing it within his Grandson's Body.

100 Year LegendEdit

Nutakata looks up to his Adopted Older Brother, Utakata and he was a good helper to his New Master, Okami Yuki. Cara Yamata was so looking at his new member of the family for Thousands of Years. By the Time when he is 17, He went into a Girl name Mutaka and became friends. At the The Jurinkigure, The River Village. Mutakata's Parents about the Baku No Sasori.
Baku No Sasori


He wants to defend the Village from danger. He and the Villager place 6 Vatts in front of Sasori's Lair. Sasori smelled the Milkshakes and then falls asleep from intoxication. He fell the Dreaded Serpent as proof. He then seal the beast within the human body.


Tailed BeastsEdit


  • Okami Yuki- Adopted Sister
  • Cara Yamata- Adopted Sister
  • Utakata- Adopted Older Brother
  • Nutakata's Grandfather- Grandfather (Desceased)
  • Nutakata's Grandmother- Grandmother
  • Nutakata's Mother- Mother
  • Nutakata's Father- Father
  • Nutakata's Uncle- Uncle
  • Nutakata's Aunt- Aunt
  • Shun- Little Brother
  • Hotaru- Adopted Sister

Mobile SuitsEdit

MS-333 Susanoo Zaku

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