Obito Renato


Obito is a related member of the Renato Clan. He is to be the progenitor pilot of the RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam MK II.


While unfriendly with some people, he is a polite person and also very calm.


He has Fair Tan Skin, Green Eyes and Golden Hair. He wears the Japanese Clothing with Socks and Red Shoes.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Takato was raised by his grandparents and parents and was taught the art of Gunpla by Master Chinan. Despite his talents, the prestigious Gunpla Shingyo School refused to accept him. A master at the school tells Mao and Obito that even a master like him once feared another man, Takeshi Iori. Mao then goes in search of the Iori Model Store and Takeshi's son, Sei Iori. Obito, Sei, Sei's Mother, Mr. Ral and Reiji went to a Hotel went in to the Japanese Inn for a visit.

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