Ojiisan and Obaasan (Japanese for "Grandpa and Grandma") are two elderly Hammer Bros. from the Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. adaptation of Momotaro. They are the grandparents of Princess Peach, adovptive grandparents of Paul Tennyson and the adoptive "grandparents" of Susanoo. They resemble normal Hammer Bros., except Ojiisan has a small white beard and a mustache while Obaasan wears a pair of glasses. They live near a large mountain in a simple house located on top of an island floating in Izumo.


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Ojiisan and Obaasan lived a happy and peaceful life with their beautiful granddaughter Princess Peach, that is until the fateful day, Fortress Gundam and his servants arrived on their island. Orochi was instantly smitten with the beautiful Princess, and thus decided to kidnapped her. Her grandparents pleaded with Bowser to let her stay but to no avail, and she was taken away to Orochi's Island of dark spires and skyscrapers.

Many years have and their little peach boy Susanoo Uzumaki turned into a young man. One day, after hearing the story of how his grandparents' granddaughter was kidnapped, Susanoo dedecided to save his wife Kushinada Haruno and his cousin from Orochi. Although initially reluctant, Ojiisan and Obaasan eventually agreed to let Susanoo go on his journey thus descending to Izumo. Susanoo was able to seal the Orochi within Okaina and save Princess Peach. Susanoo and Peach then returned home to their Ojiisan and Obaasan.


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