Perfect Banshee Gundam

Perfect Banshee Gundam

PF-78-2 Perfect Banshee Gundam is a custom Gunpla. The Total of Eight units are piloted by Paul Gekko, Yuki Imai, Takeshi Gekko, Kyoji Gekko, Yuki Uzuki, Shinjuku, Taiken and Kaede Gekko.


Like the Other Banshee Gundams, The Perfect Banshee has alot of Weapons and other Defensive Equipment equal to other Mobile Suits. This version of the Perfect Gundam fires much larger and more powerful beam rounds than the original Gundam.


  • 60mm Vulcan Guns
Two 60mm caliber vulcan gun thats mounted on the head.
  • Beam Sabers
  • 2-barrel Hand Beam Gun
The Perfect Gundam is equipped with a new 2-barrel hand beam gun, an upgrade to the RX-79-9's standard beam rifle. Its power output can be adjusted when necessary and powered by a rechargeable e-cap.
  • 360mm Beam Gun
Mounted on the back, it's a powerful artillery piece derived from the RX-79-9's Hyper Bazooka.
  • RX-M-SH-008/S-01025 Shield
A shield equipped on the Perfect Gundam's left arm. It is equipped with several Drop Mines.

Special EquipmentsEdit

  • Full-Armor System and Weapon System (FSWS)

The upgrade program, developed several options packs to increase the Gundam's already considerable power.

  • Propellant Tank


  • RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam
  • RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam MK II



Eight Perfect Banshee Gundams were given to Team Kyoji, Team Okaina and Team Okaina during the Final Battle at Ka Boa Bu. Paul Gekko in his Custom Banshee manages to use the Mobile Suit to split the Ten Tails into Three Entities and the Jing Half of the Ten Tails was sealed within Hotaru Uchiha.