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Pakura Gekko (パクラ月光) or simply Pakura (パクラ, Pakura) was a famed Izumogakure kunoichi during her lifetime. She is one of the Members of the Gekko Family.


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Paul and Itachi vs Juubi

Pakura fighting the Juubi

Pakura, who used to be Raimei Shimiza's mentor was sent on a mission to stop Iwagakure's plans during their feud with Suna and successfully accomplished the mission and was hailed as a hero by the village in Izumo. Pakura was on the Mission about the Paul Gekko making an alliance with the Hylian Federation only to be trusted to help Metro Paul on facing Kuro Akatsuki's Army of Mobile Armors and the Ten-Tails to act as an envoy. Pakura offered to sacrifice her life, donating the Chakra inside her to give the Banshe Gundam with the Equipment enough juice to launch. Paul Gekko, Kyoji Gekko, Kaede Gekko and Mira Gekko protested, but Pakura had made her choice. The heroic kunoichi became incapacitated but was happy to see the the Banshee Gundam fly. Pakura was awakened by God and heads out to Ka Boa Bu to help Paul Gekko face the Gigantic Monster called the Ten-Tails. With the Hylian Federation's Victory, Pakura continues to train Raimei around the World.


Pakura seems to have a moral code of sorts, shown when she was surprised that she was going to fight what she deemed "children".


She possesses a kekkei genkai known as Scorch Release. By combining two chakra natures, hinted to be fire and wind, she can create heat orbs that "mummify" her enemies, killing them seemingly by evaporating all the moisture in their bodies. Pakura displays this ability when using Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder, combined with her incredible agility, she managed to kill many storm troopers during the Battle of Ka Boa Bu.


Pakura was a fairly tall kunoichi. She was fair-skinned with pupiless brown eyes. She had green hair that she tied in a bun on top of her head with a hair needle running through it and one short and long strands of hair with orange tips framing each side of her face. Her typical attire consists of a sleeveless, backless top and short tight pants, with two lapels on the front and the back. She wears an obi around her waist, as well as purple arm-warmers which extend up to her shoulders, and has bandages around her tights and ankles.

Home ContinentEdit


  • Pakura shares her character design with a Sunagakure kunoichi who was abducted by Hiruko for use with his Chimera Technique during the events of Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire.
  • A kunoichi from Iwagakure seen in Naruto: Shippūden episode 190 also resembles Pakura.
  • She was loosely based on Pakura.


  • (To Raimei Shimiza) "You want to get stronger to have revenge, right? Those feelings will make you stronger! Your feelings for your family, this village, your friends in this village and the desire to defend this village is what makes a shinobi strong!"


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