Paul and the Elder

Paul and the Elder

Paul Gaudeamus was a descendant of Gaudeamus the dragon.


Early LifeEdit

Paul is one of the last remaining descendants of Gaudeamus, a powerful Dragon who was said to even be feared by Susanoo and Alexander the Great. Gaudeamus eventually died during the Ice Age but it was revived by Alexander's generals and his armor was infused with Paul in order. Mars who chose Paul as a Descendant before being sealed away until four wanderers, who were with the Five Shinobi of Eight Paths raised him as a baby. His armor was buried at different parts of the globe to prevent the deity from being resurrected.

Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Sometime before his adventure begins, Sulia's father who was a friend of Paul and his partner discovered a pendant. Using this relic, they were able to locate a gauntlet of Mars' armor. However, the partner murdered her father to steal the credit. Paul avenges his friend by summoning the Giant Fox to kill the partner and Sulia's Father is avenged. Since her mother died when she was young, Sulia and her twin brother, Laocorn Gaudeamus, lost their remaining guardian. Laocorn couldn't bear the injustice of the murder and confronted his father's partner. After a near-death struggle, Laocorn used the gauntlet to avenge his father's death and began to search for the other pieces. Sulia took the pendant and went to look for a strong fighter to help stop her brother. Hearing that Terry defeated Krauser, Sulia begins searching for him. Her brother sent a group of masked minions to prevent his success.

Meeting Sonic the HedgehogEdit

While Paul begins to search for Paul Gekko when every time something living falls after rescuing him from his coma for many years have passed. Time passes and the Descendant claims that many more adopted parents including a Triceratops, a tribe of cavemen, a sheepdog and many others. Many years have passed, Paul Gaudemus survived the Ice Age and the Stone Age and was saved by Amane Nishiki and was brought to his Village.  By the time of feudal Japan everywhere the area is the right corner of Izumo. Many years have Passed, Paul became a member of Paul's Team.


Paul is a tall, thin young man with pale golden eyes and brown hair that reaches to his shoulders. He wore a full body grey suit along with a variant of the village's flak jacket which had very low shoulder guards as well as a zipper and a pouch on the upper right chest. He also wore the village's forehead protector, fingerless gloves, as well as bandages on his forearms.In it, he carries a bamboo jug filled with a soap solution, and a pipe. His Golden Eyes were changed into a Sharingan.




  • Paul Gaudeamus was the last of the Gaudeamus Clan.