Paul Kurosagi

Paul Kurosagi

Paul Kurosagi was a Descendant of Akatsuki the Apprentice of Hero of Time. He is a Strongest Member of the Gekko Family.


He is born in Izumo being a Farmer and a Samurai harvesting Crops.


Gomu Gomu no OrochiEdit

This Ability was fusion ability of Yamata no Orochi Jutsu and Gum Gum Grab.


  • Pyrus Dharack (with Buster Cannon)
  • Haos Hades (Huge bakugan)
  • Pyrus Perfect Dragonoid


  • Summoning Technique

Tailed BeastsEdit


  • Paul Anthony Dy- Descendant
  • Amane Nishiki- Ancestor
  • Okami Yuki- Love interest
  • Kira- Sister
  • Kasumi- Mother
  • Akatsuki- Ancestor
  • Yuki Hyuga - Adopted Sister
  • Luke Britannia- Descendant
  • Link the Hylian Samurai- Ancestor
  • Paul Britannia- Descendant
  • Yuri- Grandmother (Deceased)
  • Galacticus Antonio- Ancestor
  • Pagnahotep I- Ancestor
  • Kuro Ceaser- Ancestor
  • Black Bell- Ancestor
  • White Rose Sage: Kurosuki- Ancestor
  • Mizugi- Ancestor
  • King Parthur- Ancestor
  • Kuromaru- Ancestor
  • Shun Tsurugi- Ancestor
  • Vermiilia vi Berlinnia- Older Sister
  • Japanji Mikata- Ancestor
  • Muzuichi Kooper- Ancestor
  • Karate Kuromo- Ancestor (Brother of Kamina)
  • Kamina- Ancestor (Older Sister of Kuromo)
  • Boxer Kyson- Ancestor

Bruce Lee- Ancestor

  • Ragnahotep I- Ragna the Bloodedge's Ancestor and Paul Kurosagi's Rival Ancestor of Pagnehotp I
  • Paulo the Marine- Descendant

Devil FruitsEdit

Gomu Gomu no Mi

Aura Aura no Mi

Hebi Hebi No Mi Model: Giraffe


I'll tell u the truth. -- Paul Kurosagi I Paul Kurosagi, the Descendant of Akatsuki Unleashed the 8 Headed Serpent's Unspeakable Evil

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