Paul Takagahara is the Flying Shinobi that live in the Takamagahara Village in Izumo. He is one of the Kantainar Species.


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Paul Takagmagahara is seen after all the other Kantainar have made their deliveries and the Izumo Express has already packed up and started its way to the next town. He stops on a cloud to check his map and almost loses the bundle (Kouichi Takeru) he was carrying by it falling through the cloud a couple of times. Upon hearing Hylian Express, the engine pulling the Circus Train and Pssenger Train, blow the whistle, he descends of the moving train checking a few of the cars on the find the wrong families and be scared by the lions. He finds his way thanks to the calls of the Shimizas including Raimei Shimiza from their car having heard his calls for Paul Gekko. Once inside, he finds him and delivers his two bundles to the expecting mother, reciting two poems. He begins to sing Happy Birthday to the baby at first not knowing it's name and having to ask for it from his mother. Towards the end of his song he was summoned by Amaterasu for another Pizza Delivery. Paul delivered the Baby to Cassandra Uzumaki. He delivered the Baby to Raikō Shimiza.

List of Bundles Delivered to ParentsEdit

  • Kandy (Successful)
  • Paul Kiske (Successful)
  • Kouichi Takeru (Successful)
  • Taiki Shimiza (Successful)

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