Fourth Hokage

Paul Eightennyson

Paul Eightennyson was a normal ten-year-old kid, until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into ten different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, he grew as a true hero. By the time he was sixteen, he had become famous in not only his hometown of Izumo, but on Dens and beyond. Paul has also become a member of the Team Okaina.

  • Paul 10


  • Paul Tennyson resembles to the Fourth Hokage with the Omnitrix on his wrist.


Paul is the wielder of the prototype Omnitrix (later the Ultimatrix and then the new Omnitrix), which gave him the power to modify his own genetic code in order to turn into various alien creatures, literally making him an alien shape-shifter. Traditionally, he could only transform into 10 aliens at the beginning of both the original series and Alien Force, but he later gains additional forms by either unlocking them or by scanning the DNA of aliens he meets. At the end of the original series, his arsenal included twenty aliens, while his current complete list is sixty-three aliens discovered (Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, 72 if Ultimate forms are included).

Alien FormsEdit


  • Ten Hands was a genetic copy of Ten Tails.
  • Kanji Kamatari was a genetic copy of Honjo Kamatari.
  • Jamatachi was a Genetic copy of Upgrade and Kamaitachi.
  • Nine Moths resembles to Mothra] with Three Tails at the end of it's Abdomen.
  • Sonshio resembles to a Dragon from panzer dragoon game series.
  • Eight Rockets was a copy version of Megas.
  • Hydramaru and Bellamari was both genetic copies of Gleeok and Bellum.

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