Paul Young

Paul Young

Paul Young was was a renegade Xiaolin monk turned evil in exchange for superhuman strength and immortality. Chase was once a former Xiaolin Warrior and a near-Xiaolin Dragon until Hannibal Roy Bean came along. Chase served as a continuously impending villain to the Xiaolin monks. At one time, Chase was on the side of good; however, Hannibal Roy Bean told him that he could only achieve his destiny as the greatest warrior of all time on the Heylin side. Hannibal showed a fake hologram to Chase of his former best friends, Paul Gekko Chase Young and Monk Guan.


Paul is a very proud character, holding his fighting skills in high regard. He deems most other characters as below himself, showing no respect or even acknowledgement of their abilities.

This ego affects his modus operandi as well; most of his plans are inherently grand. He spends most of season two turning Omi to evil, and he later resurrects Wuya without the majority of her powers. In addition to his large scale schemes showcasing his ego, he does have a knack for subtlety (using a spy to gain information on the Xiaolin Monks and manipulating events during season two). He relies on fear to keep his minions in line.

Paul is well known for his contempt of the notion that Shen Gong Wu are necessary to win battles. Even when fighting showdowns for personal gain, he relies on his martial arts alone. On the few occasions when he does use Shen Gong Wu, he usually uses them for manipulating opponents as part of a larger plan. (An excellent example is when he challenged Omi to a conventional Xiaolin Showdown in The New Order. He only did this as a ruse so the other monks would not suspect of an alliance growing between him and Omi.)

When Paul was on the side of good, his personality was similar to both Omi's and Raimundo's.



Paul Young's True Form

Paul Young had two signature forms; one was his true form, and the other was his snake form, resembling that of a Yamata no Orochi This was due to his consumption of the Lao Mang Long Soup. Paul Young has lived for over 1,500 years, and yet has the appearance of a young adult. This is also caused by the Lao Mang Long Soup, which had kept him forever young, but cost him his soul.


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Paul Gekko and Paul Young helps Chase Young, Master Monk Guan and Grand Master Dashi defeat Wuya. But very soon after their victory he traded his soul for Lao Mang Eternal Soup to obtain eternal youth having it's monster form forever devouring everything in it's path to get to the Shen Gong Wu including Emperor Scorpion. Paul Gekko managed to save Paul Young from the Dark Side thus causing Chase Young to take his place.

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