Quess Takeru

Quess with Mobile Suits

Quess Gekko was the Head of the Gekko Family.


Quess was born as a latent newtype and its because of her unique brain and mind that defines the latter of her personality. Quess admit's her feeling to  Kyoji Gekko's Younger Brother about being a Hero of Prophecy. Quess was Calm and Gentle and does not harm the Shimiza Clan because of the Eight Headed Serpent attacking the Izumogakure.


On Earth, Quess usually associated with a group of kids and they would get themselves into trouble, especially with the police, and at the expense of her father. Quess was introduced in the film running away from Indian Police authorities with Christina, a young woman who teaches a philosophy. As the Head of the Gekko Family, Paul's Elder Brother and his followers brought Naruto to her to have a dinner with her about the Wielder of the Tailed Beast. Quess have given him the The Curse of the Double Doubloon to use the Tailed Beast State to overcome the Akatsuki which killed her friend's husband. Quess comforts Paul and let's go on a journey.



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