The Samurai with alot of Stong will and rivalry for his family. He is Peaceful and loving to his younger brother


Vlitra attacks Raiken's Home

7 Tailed Gohma

When Raiken was 10 years old, he decided to support his Master, Himeka Tsurugi. He is exausted after the 9 years of training and his efforts was talented but so careless about Paul Kurosagi his childhood friend. When he was 14 years old, His Master died due to Orochi's Poison. His Parents discovers Blue Bible in the 19 year times. 8 Years have passed, the 7 Tailed Salamander, Vlitra suddenly appeared sending lava burning to the villages of Izumo. Raiken protected his family from Vlitra's Wrath but, his parents sacrificed their lives to seal Vlitra within him.



  • Okami Yuki- Cousin
  • Tsubasa- Brother
  • Kaiden- Son
  • Chikana- Daughter
  • Yoma- Son
  • Gura- Daughter
  • Queen Himika- Love Interest
  • Kaia- Cousin
  • Raiken's Mother- Mother (Deceased)
  • Raiken's Father- Father (Deceased)

Tailed BeastsEdit

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