Rashimi (ラシュミひめ Rashimi-Hime) is the Princess of the Luxara.


When Rashimi was four years old, Her Parents died after the Fortress Gundam's Attack on Izumogakure. Rashimi was able to carry out the Wishes. She recieved the Castle after her Parents died when she was 18 Years Old. She took the three orphans, the two boys and one girl and raised them as her own children. Her servants feed, clean, and gives them a good night sleep.


  • Rashimi's Parents- Parents (Deceased)
  • 2 unamed boys- adopted sons
  • unamed girl- adopted daughter


  • Rashimi was the other princess of the Planet Dens.
  • Rashimi was loosely based on Karai from TMNT 2003 series.

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