Reiku was one of the legendary Forgotten Ones.


Reiku is a slim young teenage woman of renowned for her beauty. She has long, wavy and flowing blonde hair, gathered on the back of her head and tied in a ponytail that reaches down to her middle back, with two short bangs framing her face, and a decorative flower with large petals adorning the right part of her head, above her right ear. Her face is soft in shape, and she has large light blue eyes. She sports a top-model physique, and Reiku also dons a fair amount of jewelry; a pair of earrings, those being reminiscent of two fragments of a thin chain, each composed by two rectangular, rounded links; circling her neck is a light necklace composed of many flat, square metal parts, and both of her wrists bear bracelets, with two of them, covered in a wavy pattern, being present on the right one, and a third, consisting of three thin circlets joined together, adorning her left one. Her right little finger sports a ring. Reiku's attire consists of a sparkly, dark purple strapless sequin dress, reaching down to her calves, which bears a large slash on the skirt's left part. Tied around her waist is a long, flowing light cloth with ruffled edges, circling most of her lower body, with her light skirt under it, and she wears purple high-heels for footwear.


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In the Year 2008, she was voted #1 "Mage you'd like to be your girlfriend" in the Weekly Sorcerer Magazine. She and Mirajane used to work together in the swimsuit modeling business. At some point, she won the title of "Miss Fiore". She is a friend of Paul Gekko.


  • Reiku bears the resemblamnce of Chinka from Naruto Fanon Series and Jenny from Fairy Tail.

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