Ricardo Shimiza


Ricard Shimiza is a member of the Shimiza Clan.


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Ricardo also known as "The Italian Dandy" - a talented fighter of Izumo.

Ricardo easily dispatched every opponent using his Gundam's Buster Rifle. Following the impressive display, Ricardo was next seen ordering a Gunpla Victory Gundam for a girl named Jam, a machine he spent three days working on just so that he could rope-in females. At first the girl refused it, which causes the woman to be in love with Ricardo since he was revealed to be related to be a Shimiza.

Ricardo started his battle in the right footing, taking out three enemies with a single shot of his Buster Rifle attached to his Gundam's Meteor Hopper. His fight would soon be turned for the worse, due to the arrival of the White Angel. Ricardo's Fiance reveals to Ricardo that the White Angel was chased by the German representative Rainer Cziommer, who was using a Gaw, to seek revenge over Ricardo stealing his girlfriend. Despite the italian champ's clarification of the story, Rainer still angrily dropped his Gaw's bombs on the Fenice, which caused it to lose the Meteor Hopper and the Buster Rifle. Ricardo quickly attempted to recover his main weapon, but the Gaw's main cargo compartment opened and revealed more Gunpla inside of it, piloted by angry fighters who had suffered the same fate with their lovers. Paul Gekko saved Ricardo and his lover in time with the Help of Mecha King Ghidorah and His Brother's Mecha Paul Gekko along with the brotherhood who had the Tifa Sune's childhood friends as lovers. Later on, Ricardo reported the damage of his Wing Gundam Fenice to Naruto, saying it "wasn't that bad either".


  • Jam- Love Interest

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