Ophanimon t


Rin was the Izumo Ranked Shinobi, who took Mizuichi to Hira's Village.


When seeing Mizuichi's Basket when Mizuichi was a orphan, She was surprised to pick up the Basket and delivers it to Hira's house


Cara Yamata


Rin has to be Tall and Special like Ophanimaru and has the same Clothes and Wings as Ophanimon in Digimon series.


As the Hidden Cloud GuardianEdit

Naruto Calamity (New Version)


When Rin was 45 Years Old, She was the Guardian of the Hidden Clouds. Until there was the Basket carrying the Newborn Mizuichi. She picked up the Child and was able take it to Izumo until Killer B, the Jinjuriki of the Eight Tailed Octopus Ox tried to capture the Guardian but was punished by Rin's Heavenly Claw which may resemble to A's Iron Claw. In Ancient Times God The Father sent angel to be turned into a Human to watch over Hira's adopted child.

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