Okaina's Water Sasori form

Water Sasori

After setting up an area, the user can extract a Tailed Beast from its jinchūriki. The jinchūriki is bound by sealing formulas. Konomaru and Obito Uchiha uses the


Tailed BeastsEdit

Kyuubi Revival Obito revived Kyuubi from Kushina's Body and Kyuubi was sealed within Naruto by the Fourth Hokage.

Orochi's MelodyEdit

Honey D. Paul's Pokemon, Meloetta sing the Relic Song to review the Ritual and Orochi and Kyuubi.

Rebirth of SaikenEdit

Meloetta sang the Relic Song to review the Ritual for Saiken to Utakata Uzumaki.


Five Shinobi of Eight Paths

Madara Uchiha/Obito Uchiha


The Giant Toad that was called the Toad Tank.

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