Ryuseken No Tsurugi and Golem no Tsurugi

Ryuseken no Tsurugi was a divine sword translated to Demon crushing Guardian Sword in English. This Divine Blade was more powerful than any sword.


Paul Kurosagi (Paul No Tsurugi) have bore the sacred sword used to defeat the demons and the Legendary Fortezza Gundam known as Yamata No Orochi. Okami Yuki was able to seal Orochi in the Blade of Ryuseken for all 1995 years. Link the Hylian Samurai bore the sword so much.


Triforce of CourageEdit

This Ability allows the Warrior to use the blue energy shield to defend his or her strength against the Chaos Emerald of Immortality.

Triforce of FriendshipEdit

This Ability allows the Man to meet a respectful rival in a respectful manner and ens up with a relationship and Kindness.

In Legend of ZeldaEdit

Link bore the Sword and slayed Ganon and the darkness in the land of hyrule. Hylians dubbed the Ryuseken into Master Sword.
Master Sword (Ocarina of Time)

Master Sword


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