Sarazen (サラゼン) is the Four Headed Dragon that existed inside ChargeStone Caverns as it's castle.


Sarazen resembles to a Four Headed Hydra with a long body of a serpent.


God shutting Sarazen's jaws

Sarazen's jaws shut

Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

In Chargestone Caverns, at Unova Region, Sarazen rests in the chambers with multiple Joltik and multiple Garventula as it's servants. Joltik and Garventula brought Yagumo here to the royal chamber and starts to readying to devour her. However, God intervenes and shuts it's jaws and starts sleeps with her. Paul Gekko have came and rescued her from the cave and Sarazen sleeps at it's chamber feasting on the pizza.

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