Sai and the 8 Headed Dragon

Sai Battling Shin in his Jinjuriki form

The Man from the foundation Excavated by the Britannia Republic.


Shin mugshot

Shin in Excavated Areas

The Britannia Scientists in Hyrule are teaching students how to dig for Fossils and Ancient Treasure. The Super Scientist was known as Honey D. Christopher. When He was 12 Years Old he discovered the Ninja in the Stone Casing fasten with Mechanical Locks. However, The casing was unclocked by the Unlockers that recently secured the fossilized Ninja.

Fourth Shinobi World WarEdit

In preparation for the Fourth Shinobi World War, Shin was reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces. He was later assigned to the Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon as the group's support. After pursuing the three remaining members of the Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party atop Deidara's clay bird, he remained vigilant whilst Sasori manipulated the captive and booby-trapped Muta Aburame to attack the opposing Surprise Attack Division. Detecting that the enemy had evaded the blast, Shin tried to dive down to their position with tantō in hand, but was violently driven into the ground when Sai ambushed him from above. As his broken neck regenerated, he implored his brother to flee, remarking that Sai's team had no chance of victory against them. Briefly engaging Sai, Shin obstructed the enemy, after Omoi liberated Tokuma and Ranka. Confronted by Kankurō's Scorpion and Omoi, he avoided their attacks thanks to Sasori's assistance, before Hoheto Hyūga alerted his team to the fact that Shin's stomach was packed with explosive clay. Just as he was about to be detonated, Shin was captured by Kankurō's Salamander puppet, which effectively stifled the blast. As he reformed, he then told Sai that he didn't want to hurt him, as he had already been freed from Root. As an enraged Sai attacked Sasori and Deidara, Shin saw the image that Sai had drawn of the two together, recollecting the time when it was created. After the remainder of his platoon were restrained, Sai suggested they finish the fight they never got to start all those years ago but Shin tells him there was no need, as finally seeing Sai's drawing, had freed his soul. He then crumbled, leaving behind a pile of earth and ash along with the corpse of an unknown individual that was used as a sacrifice in the ritual.


Shin died from an unknown Disease with the Foundation.


Sai- Adoptive Brother

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