Shinji Takato


Shinji Takato is a very Special Descendant of Yuri and Susanoo Uzumaki. He was one of the Hylians and a Citizen of the United States of Hyrule. He is a Member of the Gekko Clan.


Shinji Takato has the Same appearence of Saionji Takato and wears blue shinobi sandals.


He is Kind and Gentle. But met Honey D. Paul as his Student, He is fully encouraged to take full responsibilities on teaching him on every Jutsu and Aikido and Taijutsu.


Shinji of Izumo


Shinji Takato was very lonely at the Bamboo Forests of Izumo and have no friends to make in the Bamboo Mansion. Then Honey D. Paul came on the Bamboo Boat in the River beds. Takato rescued him from the Waterfalls and that was dangerous. As Takato was able to heal him with his Chakura, Paul awoke and thanked him for saving his life from starvation. Takato trained Paul very slowly and took great care for him as Honey D. Paul was 4 years old. The Death Ghidorah appeared as if it was a Three Headed Lion. Takato uses his Aikido Blaster to capture the Beast and Seal it into his own Student. As his promotion for paul to take good care for his sister. Takato was glad to be a Babysitter for Paul Gekko. Aqua, alongside Terra, is one of Shinji's pupils. Like Terra, Aqua also has a dream of becoming a Keyblade master. One Day, an Emperor of Izumo, Paul Gekko arrived and gave Shinji Takato new pupil, Ventus. Terra and Aqua start to question him but this ends up troubling him and he passes out. Shinji explains that he has confusion so Aqua takes on to caring for him.

Family Edit

  • Honey D. Paul- Brother-in-Law

Tailed BeastEdit

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