Shinka no Mikoto

Shinka no Mikoto in concept art

Shinka no Mikoto (進化の美琴) is one of the Ten Tailed Beasts. It is a Eight Headed Hylian Dragon.


God takes a Nap after creating the World.

Birth of Shinseijū TreeEdit
Shinseijū Flower Form

Shinseijū develops into a Tree

Using seeds from the fruit of of Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil it was discovered that by fusing massive amounts of chakra—such as that of a tailed beast—with the seed, would then cause it to activate and grow. The result was a tremendous tree with massive amounts of chakra, The Dragon was sealed within Paul Fon Fabre.


Shinka no Mikoto is the massive Eight Headed and Eight Tailed Dragon and has the wheels as it's legs. On the end of it's tails were flag-like objects.


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