A boy who was known to be Descendant of Link the Hylian Samurai.

Early LifeEdit

As when he was born before link, He was cared by his mother named Ame No Murakumo.
Tsunade and Orochi

Tsunade and 8 Headed Dragon

But his Father takes him to Mueseums, Restaruants, Fun Places and Amuesment Parks. His Father's name is Takata.

Modern LifeEdit

As his Family entered the Ancient Bloodline, Okaina asked by his parents about being his Godmother. When he was 18 Years Old, The Britannia Republic had took him on as the Puppet Builder. His Talents always been Building the Puppet Wizards for making the Ritual Jutsu that brings the everything back to life or come to life. His Jinjuriki was the 2 Tailed Bunny.


Ame No Murakumo- Mother

Takata- Father

Okaina- Godmother


Puppet BuildingEdit

Sage of the 4 PathsEdit

This Puppet has the Ability to use the Magic to create the Devil Fruits

Baku No SasoriEdit

the 6 Headed Serpent Slain by the hands of Nutakata

Yamata No OrochiEdit

the Legendary 8 Headed Serpent slain by the hands of Susanoo Uzumaki


Ritual JutsuEdit

This Jutsu has the Ability to revive others by Singing and Happiness. The Jutsu was the Stronger Jutsu even the owner didn't release.

Tailed BeastsEdit

Two Tailed Bunny

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