Taanko was the Captain of Impel. He was the Legendary General of the Great Izumogakure.


Taanko was Loyal and Friendly to Paul Gekko.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

End of Creation ArcEdit

Taanko is one of the crew members that follows orders of Asahi as it's captain.

Paul Gekko ArcEdit

He is a tested general who has won countless battles with his sharp instincts and precise judgment; his ability winning him not only the utmost of trust from his superiors, but also the unwavering respect of those who follow him after the Kyuubi's Counterpart. He growing the bond of the Gathering. Eternal. Attack. Terminal. Hills. because he gets so hungry and lets his crew feed him at the Buffet Room. Taanko have told Paul Gekko stories about the Giant Squid and Kokori no Mikoto.


  • Taanko has a Life long Span Ability.
  • Taanko was a top ranked general for hundred battles that he faced.

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