Alternate Paul Gekko

Alternate Paul Gekko, Tagna

The Counterpart of Paul Gekko and a Brother of the Desceased Kyoji Gekko He is also a Jinjuriki of the Fortress Gundam's Counterpart, the Black Tailed Serpent (黒い後につかれ蛇). He is the Alternate Character of the Anime World.

Appears inEdit


Tagna was born as the son of his world's version of Paul's Father and and Kyoji's Mother and a brother of the world's version of Kyoji. Menma wversion However, unlike Naruto, the events of the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha never occurred and Tagna has his parents in his life. Despite this difference, Menma's life was similar to Naruto's as he enrolled into the Academy and became a genin and later the current jinchūriki of the Black Tailed Serpent while mastering its power. For unknown reasons he was a missing nin though this was notably something fairly recent since both Tagna's Parents and his friends were unaware that he had left the village and that Paul Gekko's counterpart abandon his own Gundam and also developed his rivalry of Paul Gekko and recently wrecked half of the alternat dimension Coop's city and made himself skinny after the amazing defeat of the Galactic Empire.


His Apperence resembles to a half Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, Half Hayate Gekko and half Clockwerk from anime and games.


Jinjuriki TransformationsEdit

Main article: Paul's Jinjuriki Forms Tagna's hatred has allowed him to transform into a Black Tailed Serpent and he is able to create and control living entities composed of its chakra, which are known as the Poisoned Beast.

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