Taiken (体験) is one of the Brotherhood of Kyoji. He is the Member of Team Kyoji.


Taiken was a kind-hearted and wise young man. Though shunned by the villagers because of the Tailed Beasts sealed within Kyoji and Paul Gekko, he still thought of Paul as his friend, and bore no ill-will towards the beast. He believed that people could accept and understand each other, even if one of them is a beast.


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Taiken flashback

Taiken Past

Orphaned with his Younger Sister, Hiko, He used the Gekko Family abilities to actively help people and his friends, Riku, Shinjuku, San and Tsuki. Taiken and his new friends were discovered by Kyoji Gekko who rescued him from death in starvation by feeding him and his friends some food, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Macaroni and Cheese and Root Beer Floats. He and his friends became Team Kyoji before the Final Battle in Ka Boa Bu. After the Final Battle, Team Kyoji celebrated Kyoji's 200th Birthday at the White Angel.

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