Taikimaru is a Izumogakure kunoichi that led a battalion of Izumo troops to help Team Okaina. She is a Human.


She is shown to be very brave as she protects many Izumo Genin. She also has a liking of cutting her opponents into pieces.


She has long brown-coloured hair which she ties in such a fashion as to form a ball on top of her head, using what appears to be a knitting-needle, while two large locks with darkened tips frame the remainder of her face. Her typical attire consists of a short sleeveless dress, further adorned by the presence of numerous bandages that encircle various portions of her body, including her waist and thighs.


Like most Iwagakure ninja, she uses Earth Release, which she employs in the form of dragons and landslides. She also wields a sword, meaning she is possibly skilled in kenjutsu.


She was promoted as one of the Members of Team Okaina when Ventus have befriended her. At the Time of facing missions with Izumo Genin, She was able to by enough time to make sure Team Okaina finishes the Mission. 


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