Tailed Beast Cannon

Bijuu Cannon

The Tailed Beast Cannon {尾獣キャノン= Bijuu Cannon} is the Deadiest Weapon that was buried underground to never test it again. However, in the Bloody Valentine War it was revived by the Group of Narturals that wanted to test it once. Later it was Transformed into Eight Headed Serpent.


The Appreance the Bijuu Cannon was the Gottfried Mk.71.


Human FormEdit

1000px-Hashirama Senju


The Form that was a Shinobi that recently was an Afillitration to the White Angel known as Takato Kagami.

Yamata no OrochiEdit

1000px-Eight Branches Technique

Yamata no Orochi

The True Form of the Tailed Beast Cannon that was Orochimaru's greatest and strongest technique. It was a Giant white serpent with eight heads and eight tails. The serpent boasts a giant body, even larger than that of Manda, who was feared as the "strongest colossal serpent". This Form transcends the "Snake", and becomes like a "Dragon God". This Evolution form comes from the legendary snake Yamata no Orochi, a monstrous eight-headed and eight-tailed snake that was destroyed by the god Susanoo-no-Mikoto. This is a reference to how Itachi's Susanoo killed the serpents produced by this technique.



Earth Alliance



Bloody Valentine WarEdit

When Honey D. Paul is on the Mission to destroy the Narturals, who were about to use the Tailed Beast Cannon for the Conquering Greed. Honey D. Paul in his Aeigis were intercepted by the Freedom Pilot name Yamato. The Z.A.F.T Forces realized that the Freedom was Battling the Aegis. Itachi's Susanoo sealed it with no Mistake.

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